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Xtra Racing was founded in 2001. One of the main goals of Xtra Racing is promotion of motorsport in Lithuania and to provide our team and customers the very best products and services in order to achieve the best results. Xtra Racing team members are successfully participating in various Lithuanian and Baltic countries motorsport championships.

It would be hard to find motorsport related or interested in motorsport person in Lithuania who would not know Xtra Racing discussion forum. It is the biggest internet site where you can discuss about Lithuanian motorsport and which is visited by more than 10000 unique visitors a day.

Xtra Racing has also created rally portal www.rally-live.lt - it is realtime results from Lithuanian open rally championship events.

Xtra Racing is distributing and selling motorsport related products of the highest quality. We can provide the whole range of motorsport and performance tuning products.

Xtra Racing provides consultation on various motorsport questions - from technical race car design, preparation and setting up, to sponsorship search and working with sponsors.

Xtra Racing organizes safe and race driving courses - from the very basic safe driving elements to advanced race and rally driving and car set up.

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